We have always been fascinated by products, technology or any idea that has the ability to improve human as well as animal lives or contribute towards planet conservation.
And it is not every day that you come across something that has the potential to achieve all of it.
While on a trip to the US in 2017, we came across many products made out of a single plant that were increasingly becoming popular in West and Europe due to its unmatched health, medicinal and economic benefits.
The plant, one of the species called the “HEMP” is indeed truly a ‘Gift of Nature’ that had been hidden in plain sight until recently. And although coming from the same family as Marijuana it had completely different properties and thousands of applications. From being one of the fastest growing plants on the planet and amazing health and medical benefits it can provide, along with generating employment and set up new eco-friendly industries. Moreover, it was completely legal.
For us it was “Love at first sight”.
But what baffled us and got our attention was that this plant, which originated in the Himalayan region of Northern India, was benefiting people & economies across many countries but India.
For a simple reason: Lack of Awareness and Availability.
Over its entire existence, Hemp has helped our planet from cultivation to finished products.
The plant is being used since many centuries, but the benefits it has on the planet is something the people are unaware of.
That’s why ‘NOIGRA – By Nature For Nature’ came into existence to spread awareness about the wonders and benefits of this plant as well as the impact that it can have on our Mother Earth, through its products and otherwise.
By supporting the cultivation and use of hemp based products, we are doing our bit to save the planet from the atrocities it is facing on a daily basis. And our belief and commitment has only gotten stronger each day. We see it is a solution to reduce animal cruelty and environmental destruction which has reached dangerously high levels due to excess consumption of animal based products, non-eco-friendly materials and polluting activities.
As someone once wisely said:
“We do not inherit the earth from our ancestors but we borrow it from our future generations, so it is our responsibility “now” to take care of it.”
Let us go on this journey together to hemplify lives of everyone around us and at the same time make this world a better place to live, step by step.