Revolutionise your diet: Experimenting with Hemp Protein Powder.

Many people consider hemp to be a treasure trove of health. The seeds of hemp have a rich nutritional range and provide a lot of health benefits. These seeds can either be eaten raw, after removing the outer shell, or can be pressed into hemp oil. Here we will focus on hemp protein powder, which is processed from hemp seeds after the oil has been extracted from them.

Hemp protein powder is a complete source of protein. It provides all the essential amino acids, which are the building blocks for all proteins. Since the human body cannot produce all of these acids, a person must gain them through their diet..

Relatively, very few plant-based foods can provide complete sources of protein, which makes hemp protein powder a valuable addition to the lifestyle of a vegetarian or a vegan.

In this article we will discuss a few ways you can integrate hemp protein powder into your daily life in interesting and unique ways without having to make any drastic culinary changes.

Hemp powder is among the best substitutes for flour, only better, owing to its high fibre content. Hemp has a rich nutty and earthy flavour. This unique taste allows it to be blended easily with other ingredients, especially for delicious desserts, like brownies, macaroons, cakes, pudding, etc. All you need to do is replace the flour you would generally use with cocoa powder and hemp protein powder.

Depending on how receptive one is to the taste of hemp, you can either switch the flour out completely, or substitute up to 40-50% of the required weight of the flour with hemp powder. All other ingredients normally used, such as sweeteners and eggs, remain the same when preparing desserts. Similarly, hemp powder can also replace flour to tweak out the recipes for waffles and pancakes if one feels too health-conscious or guilty to indulge in these sugary breakfasts.


Hemp powder can also be used to make nutritious and fulfilling protein porridge. Light on the stomach and yet satisfying to the palate, the porridge can be made either sweet or savoury. You can choose to mix hemp powder with grains such as oats or millet, or you could opt for a smooth grain-free porridge. Hemp protein powder would make the porridge thick and tasty. By adding warm milk and fruits and vegetables of your choice, you can make various types of porridges to keep you nourished.

Baking your own muffins allows you to add healthier alternative ingredients like hemp powder, oats or almond flour as a substitute of refined wheat flour. Hemp has healthy fats which will keep your stomach full for several hours. By adding some baking soda to your muffins, you can ensure that they rise just as much as conventional flour-based muffins.

Who doesn’t love a fresh glass of cool, healing, anti-oxidant rich smoothie? The easiest and tastiest way of getting a morning fix is by mixing hemp protein powder and fresh fruits and vegetables into a smoothie. You get all your required protein for the day with minimal fuss and effort.

Another option is to add the hemp powder to a bread recipe. Since hemp has a nutty flavour and is also sweet, it mixes well with grains like whole wheat, oats, and flax, giving your bread a refreshing new turn.

It is important to note out that hemp powder may turn recipes slightly green in colour, but that doesn’t affect the taste of the food. The green colour comes from the natural chlorophyll content present in the plant.

Hemp is truly a dynamic ingredient and complements other ingredients it is added to. Hopefully these ideas will help you integrate hemp protein powder in your diet and encourage you to innovate and experiment with hemp in your food!