Make your daily food “Superfood” with hemp!

Hemp is a versatile nutrition food with countless health benefits. It has a high protein content and is a source of a lot of vitamins and minerals along with magnesium and iron. Some other nutritive values of hemp include easily digestible, high levels of omega-3 content, an excellent source of fibers, gluten-free, and contains all the 9 essential amino acids.

Because of the nutritional benefits of hemp, it is considered to be a superfood in itself. Also, people have started incorporating it into their diet to enjoy its nutritional advantages. If you’re wondering as to how you can also make your food superfood with hemp, here are some simple tips to include hemp in your daily diet. 

  1. To cool off work pressure, blend hemp seeds in your lassi, chaach, mango shake etc.
  2. Drizze hemp seed oil over your popcorn while you Netflix & chill.
  3. Add hemp hearts to any sandwich or Maggi that you make to fulfil your midnight craving.
  4. Who says momos can’t be healthy. Add hemp protein powder to you dough and make high protein healthy momos.
  5. Add hemp seed oil to any dip or yoghurt. Yes - momos dip too. Isn’t that great.
  6. Add hemp oil as a dressing on salads or Sprinkle hemp seed powder on salads or fruits. Who says you can’t make a healthy diet more healthier.
  7. Add hemp protein powder to soups or porridge and add the goodness of nature to it.
  8. During this work from home era, People are going crazy over baking. Add hemp protein powder to any baked item to increase its nutritional value and make guilt-free baked goods.
  9. You can easily make Hemp Milk and Hemp Butter from Hemp Hearts & use it in place of regular milk and butter in everything. And the best part is it is lactose free and soy free.

    Follow these instructions to make Hemp milk at home:

    • Take some hulled hemp seeds (Hemp's hearts) and grind them into a fine powder.
    • Now, take a glass of water and add some powder into it.
    • Mix the liquid thoroughly and make sure that the powder doesn’t settle at the bottom of the glass.
    • Sieve the mixture in a separate container or glass to get the hemp milk. Leave the solid residue behind. 


  1. Burger - add hemp seed oil to your sauce or sprinkle hemp hearts between the buns.
  2. Drizzle hemp seed oil over your pasta or pizza instead of olive oil. Checkout our blog - “Hemp Seed Oil vs Olive oil’ to know the difference. Alternatively you can also sprinkle hemp hearts on top of your pasta or pizza.
  3. Lastly how could we forget your favourite - Gol Gappas or Pani Puri. Add hemp protein powder to your pani puri dough ingredients or simply add hemp hearts to your gol gap fillings. Now each mouthful of your favourite snack is also nutritive.


Hemp is a complete protein source with countless other benefits. It is 100% vegan and gluten-free in addition to being a rich source of essential amino acids and fiber. It is cholesterol-free and its Omega-3 contents improve heart health. It can be easily added to any diet and boost its nutritional value. Keeping all these benefits in mind, you should consider including hemp in your diet in one way or the other. So try out these scrumptious options and make an excellent contribution to your health.