Garlic & Basil Vegan Spread with Hemp Hearts:

Garlic & Basil Vegan Spread with Hemp Hearts:

Bored of using the same spread again and again!

Here is a fresh, creamy, garlicky spread, perfect for vegans, which can be prepared in 5 minutes, literally on the go. Here is the recipe:



Serves: 2         Prepare Time: 5 Minutes      Cook Time: 5 Minutes           Calorie Count: 465 per serving


Here’s what all you need:



Noigra Hemp Hearts

1 Cup


5-6 Pods

Lemon Juice

3 tbsp.


1 tbsp.

Almond milk

2 tbsp.

A pinch of salt




  1. Put the Noigra Hemp hearts in the blender and blend to thick paste
  2. Scrape down the bottom and sides and add the garlic and lemon juice and blend some more.
  3. Add basil and add almond milk.
  4. Blend to smooth creamy cheese.

Serve it with bread or crackers.



  1. You can use any other fresh herb as per your liking for eg: Fresh Thyme, Fennel, Rosemary, Dill, Parsley etc.
  2. You can substitute Almond milk with Soy Milk, Hemp Milk, Rice Milk etc as per your liking and taste.

Nutritional Information:

Total Fats                       34 g
Saturated Fat                 6.7 g
Cholesterol      0 mg
Sodium     84 mg
Total Carbohydrates      15.4 g
Dietary Fiber                 7.8 g
Total Sugars                  0.9 g
Protein 25.2 g
Calcium  92 mg
Iron 9 mg
Potassium 135 mg


*Nutritional information and calories may vary depending upon the ingredients.